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4 Sets of rings

Every Mini Rolly comes with a set of rings to make perfect preparation of all sorts of dough

Large Roller_Step00.jpg

The perfect mate!

Every Mini Rolly comes with a 1 mate that will give you on his back the perfect recipe to use it.

Large Roller_Step01.jpg

Step 1:

Remove Mini Rolly handle and fix the set of thickness ring of your choice.

Large Roller_Step02.jpg

Step 2:

Prepare your dough following the Mate recipe and spread it.

Large Roller_Step03.jpg

Step 3:

Remove Mini Rolly handle, take off the thickness rings and turn around the magnetic bar.

Large Roller_Step04.jpg

Step 4:

Fix the first extremity of the Mate on the magnetic bar.

Large Roller_Step05.jpg

Step 5:

Turn the Mate around Mini Rolly and fix it's second extremity onto the magnetic bar.

Large Roller_Step06.jpg

Step 6:

Roll Mini Rolly and it's Mate on the top of your dough. Remove the excess, bake and enjoy!